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Advantages and disadvantages of “Buy now, pay later” offers


The convenience of “buy now, pay later” programs means they’re getting off the ground. And retailers love them. But beware, they may not be a good idea for you.

“Buy now, pay later” means you can buy the item now with a promise to pay for it over time. It is convenient. It’s easy. And ideal for buyers with little or no credit.

“Buy now, pay later” benefits

  • Payment usually made in four installments.
  • Payment generally submitted every two weeks.
  • If you pay on time, it’s interest-free.

Well, it’s a good deal if you follow the payment rules of T. ScoreSense is a financial site that, for a fee, monitors your credit, offers credit checks, identity theft insurance and more. Again. The group surveyed its members and found that 44 percent of them used a “buy now, pay later” option. But here’s the other part: 73 percent of them defaulted on their payments.

“Then if you neglect to pay, miss a payment, or default, it’s all against your credit. So you have to be in a position like any other installment or revolving loan, make sure you are in a position to repay, ”ScoreSense’s Carlos Medina told Fox 5 I-Team.

You should also remember that you may want to return what you have purchased. You will get the money back for the purchase, but not the interest you might pay. Let’s go.

Here are some things to look for before committing to a Buy Now, Pay Later program.

Know if the apps require a soft or hard credit check. If you can get an interest-free credit card, this might be a better choice. You can establish credit. Be realistic about whether you can pay it off on time.


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