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Contract crimes, release date, locations, Maze Bank foreclosures, LS car encounter and prices


On the surface, the Los Santos Tuners update seems to have added some flashy cars and a Street Race series to GTA Online. You’ll be happy to know that this update contains a lot more than it looks. Car stores are one of the new things you can check out after the update, and they also have a few secrets to find out. Here is what we know.

LATEST – Contract Crimes Available in Auto Stores

Rockstar Games has now released their GTA Online 1.54 patch notes, which heavily refer to the Los Santos Tuners expansion, and there are a few things to note regarding the Auto Shop properties that now appear on Maze Bank Foreclosures. .

The Los Santos Tuners update sneakily added a few heist-type missions to GTA Online called Contracts. Here’s what Rockstar Games had to say about them …

  • Contracts: Contracts are new flight-like tasks that consist of two free-mode planning missions, followed by a final task to close the contract. Six contracts are available at launch, and two more will be added in the future:
    • The Superdollar deal
    • The banking contract
    • The work of the ECU
    • The prison contract
    • The agency agreement
    • The data contract

You can only access it through the Auto Shop and completing one of them also unlocks the Exotic Exports mission type. You might not like racing, but Los Santos Tuners update is packed with content.

How to buy an auto garage in Los Santos

There are a few steps you need to follow if you want to purchase a Automotive Shop in the Los Santos Tuners update. As you can imagine, they will appear on Maze Bank Foreclosures alongside other GTA Online businesses. However, they don’t appear right away.

First, you need to find the LS Car Meet and head inside for a meeting with BB and Pau. It is located at Cypress Flats at the following location on the map:

JUST WHERE IT SHOULD BE – The LS Car Meet is indeed at Cypress Flats on the east side of town

Once you’ve done that, they ask you to buy an auto store. All you need to do is head to Maze Bank Foreclosures online. The cheapest car store will set you back around 1,600,000 GTA $ and you will need to purchase your LS Car Meet subscription of 50,000 GTA $ through that. You can check out an example of what this screen will look like below:

MONEY MONEY MONEY – Spend it to do it, right?

Los Santos auto store locations

After the Los Santos Tuners update, there will be five Auto Shop stores in Los Santos that GTA Online players can purchase. As you might expect, they’re all located in downtown Los Santos and should all be pretty easy to get to.

You can check out their locations below:

AUTO STORE LOCATIONS – Here’s where you need to look

There is no word to know if GTA Online will add more locations in a future update, but that’s not outside the realm of possibilities.

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