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Enough loans, ask for help – Lawmaker tells Buhari



A federal lawmaker in the House of Representatives urged President Muhammadu Buhari to stop frequently borrowing money for the country.

Lawmaker Oluwole Oke, representing the federal Obokun / Oriade constituency, advised the president to seek help from financial advisers who will help him lift the country out of its economic slump instead of borrowing.

Oke said this at a special Convocation ceremony at Joseph Ayo Babalola University, JABU, Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State.

Oke, who is the chairman of the House of Public Accounts committee, told Buhari to improve accountability and transparency amid Nigeria’s growing debt profile rather than embarking on a borrowing frenzy.

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While urging Buhari to invest in human capital and aim to create an environment conducive to investment, Oke maintained that the lack of economic advisers was the reason for the country’s political tumble.

He also suggested that the embargo on unemployment in the country be lifted, adding that the country would continue to experience underdevelopment in all sectors if the problems of political tumble were not properly addressed.

“The challenge facing this country is due to the tumble in economic policies and I want to urge the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to hire a seasoned economist in his government.

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“I haven’t seen a single economist in this government and that’s why we continue to have problems bordering on revenue leakage, the revenue is there, but we keep borrowing.”



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