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Equinix Updates Equinix Metal, Borrowing Innovation From Tech Companies


Digital infrastructure company Equinix adds new innovations from AMD, Ampere, Intel, Nutanix and full-stack accelerated computing from Nvidia to Equinix Metal, a solution that will empower businesses to create and grow as they grow. as service providers, to modernize the infrastructure and power of hybrid multi-cloud architectures and native cloud applications.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 40% of new PCs and on-premises storage purchased will be consumed as a service, up from less than 10% in 2021.

With six new subways and the latest new hardware options from these leading vendors now available on demand with Equinix Metal, customers can gain raw processing power and throughput, with just a few clicks and close to clouds and end users.

It offers customers artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid infrastructure, for the rapid construction of new digital capabilities.

Developers and IT managers use Equinix Metal APIs, integrations with popular DevOps tools and the Kubernetes ecosystem to deploy, maintain and scale their applications alongside the clouds, users, networks and partners that matter the most for their businesses. For example:

Cybersecurity company Human Security uses Equinix Metal to get closer to its customers with an ultra-low latency network.

Super League Gaming uses Equinix Metal to deliver real-time content and live video streaming to millions of users around the world.

Blockchain Solana Foundation is able to deliver new nodes on demand to its global end users on the Solana blockchain in minutes with Equinix Metal.

Equinix also announces:

Updated Gen3 Configurations with Next Generation Chips from AMD, Ampere and Intel – Equinix Metal will offer a new line of hardware with processors including 3rd Generation AMD Epyc, Ampere Altra and 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Integrated AI accelerators. These solutions, scheduled for commercialization in early 2022, are part of the next generation (Gen3) of Equinix Metal server configurations.

Nvidia AI – In November, Nvidia announced an expanded collaboration with Equinix to bring the Nvidia LaunchPad program, which includes instant and short-term access to AI infrastructure, to nine Equinix International Business Exchange data centers, supported by load in Equinix Metal environments.

The LaunchPad program features organized labs and allows qualified business accounts to test and prototype Nvidia AI software, including Nvidia AI Enterprise. Companies can then deploy and scale AI in Equinix Metal or Nvidia DGX Foundry, also run at Equinix.

Workload Optimized Servers – In addition to its Gen3 line, Equinix Metal will offer optimized configurations. These machines provide a way for customers to deploy an infrastructure suitable for specialized workloads, such as AI training or in-memory databases, without the usual long lead times for special order hardware.

Hybrid Multicloud On-Demand – Equinix Metal is now certified for the Nutanix Cloud Platform, allowing complete freedom to run applications on any environment with a single unified management plan in bare metal, public cloud and on-demand environments. site. Equinix and Nutanix are currently recruiting customers in a General Availability (GA) trial program.

Six additional subways – Equinix plans to expand Equinix Metal to six additional subways in 2022 across the Americas (Atlanta and Montreal); Europe and the Middle East (Helsinki and Stockholm); and Asia-Pacific (Melbourne and Osaka).

In addition to offering Bare Metal as a Service in these 24 markets, Equinix also provides interconnection and networking through Equinix Fabric and Network Edge.

Operating System Partners – Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, NixOS, Talos, Alpine Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, and VyOS maintainers or experts will now certify and deliver cloud images to Equinix Metal users, improving performance performance, security and multicloud use. case.

Ecosystem Expansion – Equinix has further expanded its ecosystem with fully documented and tested partner solutions from Cycle.io, Era Software, Macrometa, Mist.io, HarperDB and Kubermatic.

“In a year of hard-to-find hardware, Equinix bare metal servers have outperformed other cloud offerings and have helped validators and RPC vendors evolve with the phenomenal growth of the industry. ‘Solana ecosystem,’ said the executive director of the Solana Foundation. Dan Albert.

“As a global digital infrastructure company, Equinix provides basic infrastructure across clouds and at the edge, interconnecting them all. When customers combine this with Equinix Metal’s state-of-the-art enterprise and silicon solutions, as well as Equinix’s efforts to achieve its goal of becoming globally climate neutral d ‘By 2030, they no longer have to trade peace of mind for power and performance. Says Equinix Metal Managing Director Zac Smith.

“We are excited to work with Equinix to provide end customers with an efficient, scalable, and compute-intensive solution leveraging 3rd Generation AMD EPYC processors through our collaboration on their next-generation bare metal offering,” comments Lynn, Vice -President of AMD, a cloud company. Comp.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Equinix as they expand their on-demand infrastructure with Ampere Altra cloud native processors that deliver superior performance while consuming less power and data center space,” said Jeff Wittich, product manager at Ampere Computing.

“The growing scope and rapid pace of today’s data center workloads require industry-leading performance and flexibility, best delivered by Intel’s 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. It is the foundation for powering the widest range of workloads in the industry on Equinix Metal, delivering new levels of efficiency and scalability with advanced built-in acceleration capabilities such as security, cryptography and AI, ”said Intel vice president and general manager of cloud and enterprise solutions. Anurag Handa.

“By certifying the Nutanix Cloud Platform on Equinix Metal, we are enriching our customers’ choices and helping them to further unify their Nutanix environments across private and public clouds,” said Thomas Cornely, senior vice president of product management at Nutanix.

“Nvidia LaunchPad makes it easier than ever for companies to learn how to develop and deploy AI on an accelerated infrastructure on Equinix Metal, with the ability to continue working on Equinix as they move through production.” », Concludes Manuvir Das, head of corporate IT at Nvidia.