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Local lenders are giving advice and are also hiring more loan officers


WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – Newly formed small business is offering counseling and hiring more loan officers.

JR Mortgage Group recruits loan officers who speak Spanish or Vietnamese.

“Someone who has that financial background and has that kind of high-level conversation with someone. And also someone who may be very emotionally connected, who can connect emotionally with customers. They are going through a very stressful time, ”said Justin Rocheleau, co-owner.

Rocheleau and Ramona Chapman are the co-owners of JR Mortgage Group, near K-96 and 13th Street.

Chapman offers advice to people looking to become homeowners.

“Have a good credit history. Also, by paying off your credit cards. One thing is if you keep those credit card balances between 10 and 30 percent of the limit, it will give you a boost in your score. So, it is always good to keep a low credit balance. (And) try to save as much as you can. Another tip would be to determine your budget before you apply. So figure out what you’re comfortable spending per month, ”Chapman said.

Another tip is for people who are in the middle of the mortgage process.

“What you don’t realize is that when we pre-approve you, we take a snapshot of all your bills and your monthly debt. If you add a new heavy car payment it could definitely make us ineligible or make things a little more difficult. So it’s best to leave everything as is, until after the shutdown, ”Chapman said.

To apply for jobs at JR Mortgage Group, click here.

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