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What is the net worth of the ACE family? And why are they being prosecuted?


There is no shortage of YouTubers and influencers becoming the subject of major scandals. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that being an “influencer” is, at its core, a line of work that is fundamentally concerned with weight. The more drama and personal trash you can broadcast on the internet, and the more you can caricature real human emotions, the better. Or maybe it has to do with putting yourself forward and presenting yourself as something that you are not without having to experience is at the heart of the influencer role.

Whatever the reason, some influencers are taking the drama wherever they go, like the ACE family, and now people want to know what their net worth is after a series of allegations started popping up online, which ones have serious financial implications for the popular YouTube family. .

The ACE family is also facing legal action over payments at the Social Gloves event.

The TikTokers social battle against YouTubers (which saw several Tokers get their clocks cleaned) was reportedly led by Austin McBroom, and now the popular influencer, who won his fight against Bryce Hall via a stoppage, is being sued by Subify LLC and and Location Ahern.

Tana Mongeau tweeted that Austin McBroom was the owner of the company that hosted the event and that several influencers involved in the fight are no longer being paid for their participation.

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Projections for how many buys the event would bring in were overwhelmingly generous at 500,000, but after the dust settled and everyone got out of the ring, it was revealed that only 136,000 PPVs had been sold.

Austin McBroom responded to Tana’s tweet in a pretty visceral way.

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Austin hasn’t said he owns social gloves, but he hasn’t denied it either. But some work has shown that the brand is owned by another company owned by Austin McBroom, so yes, it’s safe to assume Austin has a significant stake in the company’s success. Whether or not it has something to do with combatant pay can be a whole different story.

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The ACE family has been accused of defrauding their fans in the past, such as when they launched the ACE Club fan site, which offered exclusive content to those who paid higher prices. Unfortunately, the site fell short and was hampered by issues so damaging to the user experience that the ACE family decided to discontinue the service.

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Customers who purchased Catherine McBroom’s 1212 line of skin care products also complained about defective products or never receiving orders despite payment.

We will update this article with more information as this story develops.

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